Shiwiars village Shiwiars village "We are the Shiwiar people, living in the Amazon jungle on the Pastaza river"
Graphic charter
Graphic charter

Who are we?

We are the Shiwiar people, enclosed by the Amazon jungle, living on the Pastaza river. We belong to the same cultural and linguistic tradition as the Achuar and Shuar. Our territory is one of the most pristine and isolated places in the Amazon basin, located near the Peruvian border and accessible only by air. Our primary forest is blessed with remarkable levels of biodiversity. Our population of seven hundred is scattered around nine different villages within the area. There have been few intrusions into our territory and we have only recently made contact with the western world (because of the Peruvian war in 1941).

Sadly, the Ecuadorian Government does not value or respect the indigenous people of the Amazon. In search of short term profit they would shamelessly sell our land to multinational companies, irrevocably destroying the ecosystem and our culture. After a long political struggle, Ecuador legally recognised us as an independent nationality, and grated us 89,337 hectares of land. However, we still have 100,000 hectares of ancestral land to legalise.

Oil was found on our territory during an exploration campaign made in the 1970's.Thankfully it is still untapped, however we fear that it is only a matter of time before our territory is sold, exploited and destroyed. It is therefore imperative that our land is legalised. Our political representatives, the ONSHIPAE (Organizacion de la Nacionalidad Shiwiar de Pastaza Amazonía Ecuatoriana), together with the Pachamama Alliance, are struggling to obtain legal recognition of our territory, but it is a difficult and expensive fight. We hope that ecotourism will generate the funds, support and international awareness needed for us to succeed. We believe it will also emphasise the importance of our environment and cultural traditions to our people, and will generate hope and self respect within our community.

The FUNSSIF ( Fundación Shiwiar Sin Fronteras) is a Shiwiar NGO which mission is to revitalize the Shiwiar culture and promote environmental education among is people.

The AVUAT (Pascal Languillon) is a French NGO which goal is to promote the development of an ecotourism that is really based on fair principles and that really contributes to the conservation of biodiversity and to building ecological awareness among tourists.

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