Shiwiars village Shiwiars village "A new form of ecotourism, where the tourist is a real actor of its own adventure"
Graphic charter
Graphic charter

The vision

Our primary objective is to defend our territory from oil exploitation, preserve its biodiversity and our culture through self managed development. These are our objectives, initiated by our people, they have not been imposed by outsiders. The Ikiam Expedition is our project, initiated by Pascual Kunchicuy (a Shiwiar), the founder of "FUNSSIF" (Fundation Shiwiar Sin Fronteras). The initial impetus originated from the tribe itself, but the project only really took off in 2004 with the aid of Pascal Languillon (the founder of the French "Pascal Languillon"), who provided the detailed knowledge of the outside world and gave the project a distinct vision.

The project vision is to propose a new form of ecotourism, where the tourist is not just a tourist, but a real actor of its own adventure. We want to offer a different kind of tourism, not based on a capitalistic model but rather on responsible tourism principles. This expedition is for people who don't usually like tours. Here you will not be seen as clients, but rather as friends who has come to help us out.

What we care the most about is to maintain the reality of our place. We do not want to perform cultural acts like shamanism rituals just to please tourists. We do not want folklore. We just want to show you our place and our current way of life.

To make this vision come true, we have decided to make you live this experience as if you were a Shiwiar. We will not provide a fancy restaurant nor expensive cabañas. We are not going to create a pocket of your world in the jungle. We believe the experience we are offering is far more real and far more valuable, because we are offering the genuine opportunity to experience our culture and our way of life. You will be invited to participate in daily activities as part of our family, from making ceramics and arrows, walking in the forest and swimming in the river. We have not designed a program for people who want a comfortable tour, we have opened our community to people brave enough to participate in it. To achieve this the number of visitors will be restricted to five per week, but as the project is still in its infancy you will probably be on your own.

The project has received some financial funding from the Ecuadorian CODENPE and the U.S Agency of International Development. We are however still looking for more financial and technical support. If you or your organisation is interested in helping please contact us, we will be grateful for anything you can offer.