Shiwiars village Shiwiars village "Our world is changing, but we want to keep our culture alive"
Graphic charter
Graphic charter


You do not go see a jungle tribe as you would go visit your neighbouring community. Certain customs of your culture might be inappropriate for us. We therefore have written a visitor's code of conduct that we ask you to firmly respect while in the forest. If you do not agree with this code of conduct, please forget this expedition, as it would mean that you are not ready for the adventure.

General attitude
  • Always remember that you are a visitor and that you have to show respect to your host at all times.

  • Always remember that our culture is very different to yours and that you have to accept it for what it is.

  • Always keep in mind that you are dealing with people who have had few contacts with the "outside world". Be careful of what you say. For instance do not talk about money.
  • You are here to learn about the Shiwiar culture and the forest, not to contaminate people with materialism.

  • Chicha is always offered. If you do not like it, you should at least pretend to drink it. Refusing might be considered an insult.

  • You should not take photographs without asking for permission. This can be very annoying and disrespectful to your hosts.

  • Do not make promises you will not accomplish (like sending photos).

  • You should not physically touch people, including the children. No hugging please!

  • You should not give money, presents, or sweets to the local kids.

  • Avoid public display of affection.

  • You should not enter houses without permission.

Respect of the environment
  • Do not leave trash anywhere. If you carry something in, you should carry it out too, as there is no waste disposal in the Shiwiar territory.

  • It is strictly prohibited to take any plant, seed or animal from the forest. It is also prohibited to expropriate or patent the extract or plants or seeds.

  • Please be kind and accept to take out plastic bottles and old batteries that we may give you to bring back to Puyo.

Things you can do to help us more
  • You can buy our beautiful handicrafts and ceramics.

  • You can give medicines to our office to constitute a useful reserve that will be managed by our health director: Francisco Cuji.

  • You can give notebooks, pencils, paints, maps for the children's school.

  • You can give clothe that you don't use, and that is always welcome for our children and adults.

  • You can donate money to the FUNSSIF and to the ONSHIPAE.

  • You can tell people about our fight to preserve our environment and culture, and urge your government to act to protect the rainforest.

A message to those of you who are afraid of the social impacts that you could generate:

Some of you might be thinking that coming here as a tourist is going to disrupt our lives, change our values, destroy our ancient culture, and that it should be avoided. The truth is that we have decided to welcome tourists as a conscious choice to evolve and take our future into our own hands. You would maybe rather have us wear our traditional clothes or hunt only with blowguns just as before, to be more in tune with your romantic idea of life in the forest. But guess what? It is too late. We wear western clothes, we use flashlights, we already see planes flying over our heads, and we are aware of the forthcoming oil pressures on our territory. Our world is changing, but we want to remain in the forest and to keep our culture alive, without having to fight against oil workers to protect our rights. And we want you to help us out!