Shiwiars village Shiwiars village "Your expedition will be a treat for your eyes, as biodiversity is all over"
Graphic charter
Graphic charter


Your expedition will be a treat for your eyes and ears, as biodiversity is all over.

Local fauna includes hundreds of capuchin and woolly monkeys, macaws, parrots, boas, caimans, anacondas, toucans, capybaras and collared peccaries. In a recent study, 44 species of mammals and 42 species of birds have been identified in our territory, although many more exist undiscovered. Of course, there are also hundreds of fishes and insects, from giant butterflies to huge tarantulas. You will probably see all of the above on our river trips and lagoon explorations. You might even see pink river dolphins if you are lucky.

There are more plant species here than what you could imagine, as this is the greatest forest on Earth! You will see timber wood trees, medicinal plants like caoba, moral, pechiche, canelo, drago, uña de gato, and the famous ayahuasca. We will show you all of this in our forest walk.

For more information about species present on our territory, please visit the Shiwiar Initiative site.